1. "Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional polymeric controlled drug delivery systems" NanoEnCap (Lider VI), research project financed from the National Centre for research and Development, realization time: 01.2016 – 01.2019 (project leader - A. Piegat)

2. "Development of new biodegradable elastomeric templates for heart tissue engineering", research project from the National Science Centre, No. UMO-2014/14/M/ST8/00610 (Harmonia 6), realization time: 25.05.2015 – 24.11.2018 (project leader - M. El Fray)

3. "Development of innovative elastomeric polymer biomaterials for heart assist devices", research project financed from the National Centre for research and Development, PBS nr 177180, realization time: 1.11.2012-31.10.2015 (project leader - M. El Fray)

4. "Biodegradable amphiphilic copolymers containing inherently bioactive components for design of novel antimicrobial materials", research project from the National Science Centre 2011/03//B/ST8/06363, realization time 7.08.2012-6.08.2015 (project leader - M. El Fray)

5. „Antimicrobial coatings on thermoplastic elastomers”, research project from the National Science Centre, No. NN507 319 440, realization time: 2011-2014 (project leader - M. El Fray)

6. „Radiation modification of thermoplastic elastomers containing nanoparticles”, research project from the National Science Centre, No. N N507 47 1838, realization time 2010-2012 (project leader - M. El Fray)

7. „Novel injectable polymer biomaterials”, Ministry of Science and Higher Education grant No. 4347/B/T02/2008/34; realization time: 2008-2011) (project leader - M. El Fray)

8. „Elastomeric polymer biomaterials having enhanced fatigue resistance for heart prosthesis”, research project „Polish Artificial Heart”, No. 03/WK/P01/0001/SPB-PSS/2008, realization time: 2008-2010 (project leader - M. El Fray)

9. „Novel organic/inorganic hybrid polymers: synthesis and properties” (Ministry of Science and Higher Education grant, 3 T08E 036 28; realization time: 2005-2007) (project leader - M. El Fray)

10. „Investigation of novel nanostructured elastomeric biomaterials modified by radiation” (special research project from Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and National Science Foundation (NSF)(USA), DWM/41/POL/2005; realization time: 2005-2009) (project leader - M. El Fray)

11. „Low-temperature plasma-surface modification of polymeric materials and fibres”, Scientific and technological international cooperation joint project for the years 2007-2008, University Bayreuth and Poland (DAAD, MNiSW; realization time 2007-2008) (project manager - M. El Fray)

12. „An air purification from volatile organic compounds (VOC) by „acidic: biofiltration method with the use of microscopic fungus”, research project PZB-MEiN-5/2/2006, realization time 2007 – 2009 (project leader - K. Ulfig)

Participation in other projects

1. „In-vitro investigations on hydrogels - cartilage-like materials with porous metallic structures for shoulder endoprosthesis for better biofuncionality” (Warsaw University of Technology, realization time: 2004-2007) (partner - M. El Fray)

2. „Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Double-Functionalized Surface Modified Thermoplastic Elastomers for Biomedical application” (research project NSF, The University of Akron, USA, realization time: 2005-2007) (partner - M. El Fray)

3. „An engineered heart patch from embryonic stem cells” (research project BBSRC, Imperial College London, realization time: 2006-2009) (partner - M. El Fray)

4. „Elaboration and performance of implants prototypes from resorbable materials” (development project, coordinator: AGH-University of Sciences and Technology; realization time: 2006-2008) (partner - M. El Fray)